Judge Sides With Environmental Groups Over 3600 House Project

Inadequate Environmental Reports Result In Uptick Of Denied Projects

 “…The Judge found the environmental impact report was inadequate on a number of issues which will likely have to be addressed before the project moves forward.”

Wendy Rea, founder of the Greenspot Residents Association

Wendy Rea, founder of the Greenspot Residents Association

A judge has ruled against Highland’s proposed 3,600-house Harmony development, partially siding with environmental and community groups that opposed the massive project in two related lawsuits.

The suits, filed in September 2016, challenged the city’s approval of the project due to what they called an “inadequate” environmental report.

Superior Court Judge Donald Alvarez found the report failed to analyze the entire scope of the project in leaving out a needed bridge over Mill Creek. Impacts on flooding, and to water and wildlife habitat were also not fully considered, he said.  Read more.

Redlands Daily Facts has the close local story.

San Bernardino County Sentinel 

3600 new homes project rejected by judge

3600 new homes planned in flood plain of the Seven Oaks Dam

Map of Proposed Harmony Highlands Project

Map of Proposed Harmony Highlands Project

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